eNRG Kayaking on the Willamette River

Maybe you want to visit a historic site, see some amazing art, visit a farm, or enjoy some fun outdoor recreation. There is so much to see and do in Oregon City.

Hungry? Oregon City offers a wide selections of great casual dining, quick service, and dessert shops. Don’t forget to get some coffee for the road.

Oregon City features some of the best tap collections around. Amazing beers and ciders abound. Just on the outskirts are some classic wineries. If wine or beer is not your thing, there is even some locally made spirits.

Street and food festivals, art shows, historic reenactments, and theater productions are just a few things that happen in Oregon City. It’s a nice way to spend your free time.

Best Western Rivershore Hotel


You can’t beat the view from Oregon City’s riverfront hotel and RV park. Cozy rooms or settle in your home on wheels, you are close to the action but not too close.

Clackamette RV Park


Explore Oregon City and find something you’ll love!

Visit local historical sites, paddle the rivers and visit amazing u-pick farms. Welcome home to Oregon City!


Get cozy with fun indoor activities. Visit a museum and learn about Oregon’s past. Enjoy a walk on the promenade and see the thundering Willamette Falls. Sit with friends and revel in good times at a cozy dinner.