Visitor Guide Advertising Opportunity

Travel Oregon City  is excited to announce its Official Visitor Guides to highlight all the the wonderful things to see and do in our great city. These guides will be published later this year and will include beautiful images, local advertising and listings.

Two Visitor Guides will be created. One guide will include a larger magazine-style piece that will be sent to potential visitors planning their trip. The second guide will be a smaller brochure-style piece that can be used for those use when they are already on the go. Both pieces will include paid local advertising as well as free listings of “visitor-friendly” businesses, attractions, events, along with heritage organizations.

Oregon City Tourism is a part of the Economic Development Department. The mission of department is to strategically and collaboratively create an environment that systemically supports new investments, creates and/or retains jobs, and broadens the tax base; therefore improving the quality of live of the people.

Advertising spots in both of these pieces will be available today. Please contact  for more information related to the advertising spot specifications and pricing. To be considered for advertising, participants must meet criteria highlighted below.

Advertising Criteria:

  • Located in Oregon City
  • Visitor-Friendly: proactive and welcoming to visitors
  • Open to the public with regular hours (or appointment hours for fishing/tour guides)
  • Physical location (or regularly used locations for fishing/tour guides)
  • Accessible to visitors
  • Events that are annual and/or ongoing

If your business would like to find out how to be more visitor-friendly or have questions about local tourism, contact Daniel Gering  | Tourism Program Specialist | 971-204-0425