Oregon Trail Game 5k and Fun Run

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Based on the classic 1980’s computer game, The 7th Annual Oregon Trail® Game is back!

Ford the river or float it? Stop to hunt or keep moving to make it to the Oregon Territory before winter falls? The Oregon Trail® Game has a simple premise—take on the persona of a pioneer in 1848 and get your covered wagon from Missouri to Oregon City without breaking a wagon wheel or losing a relative to dysentery.

Now the game has been reincarnated in the form of a 5k race. While fans of the classic 80s video game will enjoy this literal stroll down memory lane, even the uninitiated will enjoy the challenge of getting through the race, and staying alive on the metaphorical trail. Grab your pioneer bonnet and get ready to survive the journey!

In addition to receiving a timed score, runners will also receive a game score at the end, based on the decisions they make throughout the game.

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