Walking is an excellent way to see the historic sites of Oregon City’s beautiful Historic McLaughlin District. This map was designed to be a self-guided tour of the most significant sites within the district. Walkers are encouraged to start their tour at the first site, the Barclay House, and work their way numerically through the sites. An average walking time for the entire tour is one and a half to two hours. For a shorter tour (approx. 45 minutes), consider starting at the Barclay and McLaughlin Houses and walk to the Municipal Elevator and descend to historic Main Street to see its murals and historic buildings.

When viewing any of the historic sites, keep in mind that only buildings listed as public are open to visitors (contact any of the organizations listed in the “Information” section for visiting hours). Please respect the privacy of the houses listed as private.

This map is available, in print, at a variety of historic sites and museums in Oregon City. Here are just a few locations:

  • End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
  • Museum of the Oregon Territory
  • Oregon City Municipal Elevator
mcloughlin walking tour map